At Touché Lighting Control, we take a different approach to your control needs. We believe whether you’re a specifier, an installer, or a facility manager — from start to finish — the installation and implementation process should be intuitive for everyone involved. This is our core vision and passion. Touché’s innovative engineering approach continues to drive and influence the development of our products.


At Touché, we believe that simplicity represents creative ideas, along with intelligent thinking. This is reflected by our multi-functional devices and our efficient system architecture. The bottom line: being simple to design, install, and use — all result in significant up-front and ongoing cost savings.
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Whether you’re controlling a room, a floor, or an entire building, the unique building-block architecture of our solution eliminates the frustration experienced with competitors’ systems. Specification, installation, and management of the Touché Lighting Control solution is hassle free.
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Our cutting-edge software-based technology provides users, regardless of technical background, with a self-configuring and intuitive control solution. Plug it together, and it just works; but should system adjustments be desired, our simple and free app provides any user a convenient and easy-to-use interface.
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Benefits of Using Touché
Lighting Control

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A Simple Solution = Powerful Features

When you reduce the cost and complexity of a project, in most cases, you get a reduction of features. For Touché, this reduction in cost and complexity results in full functionality and features. All the devices that make up Touché’s solutions are designed to work together, and they can be configured through simple user interfaces. Below is a list of just some of today’s complex lighting control needs that are supported by Touché:

  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Field-Configured Wall Controls
  • DMX Architectural Control
  • Room Partitioning
  • Color Tuning
  • Circadian Rhythm/Diurnal Scheduling
  • Stand-Alone & Networked Control
  • Audio-Video Integration
  • Motorized Shade Control
  • Astronomical Time Clock
  • Unlimited Building Schedules
  • Integration with Third-Party Systems (Security/Fire Alarm)
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Simply Brilliant

Sometimes the biggest challenge in setting up your lighting control system is determining what you want the system to do. Touché makes that simple – plug the components together, and the system will start working right out of the box. Touché’s Smart Connect technology determines the best configuration for the components connected. If a different configuration is desired, then that is easy, too – a free and intuitive smartphone app allows you to connect via Bluetooth® to any Room Manager for simple configuration changes.

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The simple, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution for all your lighting needs



As a specifier, you face more demands than ever before. New regulations, tight time constraints, and a rapidly transforming industry make specifying the right product difficult. The Touché Lighting Control solution makes your design work simpler.

The Touché Lighting Control solution makes your design work simpler.

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Contractors know that time is money. Providing a solution that is simple to install and set up is paramount to getting the site work done quickly and efficiently.

The Touché Lighting Control solution vastly simplifies the installation process — saving you time and money.

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Facility Managers

Being an expert on all the systems within today’s modern facilities can be a daunting task. Touché’s engineers had two directives when designing a solution for facility managers: make answers to questions obvious and provide a simple method for the customer to get resolutions to issues when they are stuck.

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