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Touché Lighting Control develops innovative technologies that focus on simplicity. We build lighting controls that have enhanced features that allow users to intuitively install and manage their environment through a mobile app running on a smartphone or tablet device. We understand that a lighting control solution should just work — a system that is efficiently designed, easily installed, and simply operated.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

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1. Powerful Standalone Control

Out-of-the-box, energy code compliant, feature-rich control. It is hard to believe that a standalone lighting controller can do so much, but with Touché, it does. What makes our solution unique is we use the same controllers, sensors, and wall stations no matter what your application is – big or small. That means even the smallest applications share the powerful functionality of a much larger system.

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2. Hassle-free Networking

Networking brings many desired improvements to a lighting control system including system timeclocks, schedules, overrides, logging, and sophisticated integration with other building systems. For other manufacturers, networking also brings gateways, hubs, and a slew of other cost bloating requirements. Touché makes networking simple. Our Room Managers are network-ready using proven and reliable Ethernet for our connectivity. Simply connect the Room Managers together with Cat5 cables, add a Network Manager, and you are network ready.

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3. Straightforward Integration

Lighting control, fire alarm, security, HVAC, audio-visual, and motorized blinds; these systems have become commonplace in today’s modern buildings. Integrating these systems just makes sense, but many times this means an explosion in cost and complexity. Touché takes the frustration and burdensome cost out of the formula. Auto-generated BACnet mapping and human-readable commands for our RS232 modules are just a couple of examples of how Touché makes integration a snap.

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Knowledge is power. Check out our videos below to see how Touché's lighting controls are Simply Brilliant.

Touché is a TREAT!

Happy Halloween! Well, even if it's not Halloween, be sure to watch this video to find out what makes Touché Lighting Control such a TREAT!

Quick Ship

Touché Lighting Control's Quick Ship program is optimized to fulfill orders for our most desired products in one business day or less!

Powerful Standalone Control

Touché Lighting Control's Room Manager solution provides powerful functionality regardless of system size.

Hassle-Free Networking

Touché Lighting Control's Room Manager solution includes hassle-free networking.

Straightforward Integration

Touché Lighting Control's Room Manager solution allows for straightforward integration with a wide variety of other building systems.

Room Manager - Features

The Room Manager is a flexible and powerful solution for stand-alone or networked control. Watch this video to learn more.

Room Manager - Expansion

The Room Manager is much more than a simple room controller. Watch this video to see the expansion capabilities of this powerful device.

Room Manager - Dual Room Control

The room manager can be configured for dual room control. This can be used to reduce system cost and provide a convenient platform for partitionable rooms.

2-Button Smart Switch

Touché Lighting Control's 2-Button Smart Switch is simple, yet sophisticated - and gives users a tremendous amount of control over their lighting: Preset/On, Off, Brighten, Dim, and Preset Programming.

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We focus on simplicity

It's as simple as Lego®... Whether you’re specifier, a contractor, or a facility manager, you face more demands than ever before. With Touché's modular and scalable solutions, our technology simplifies the selection, installation, and implementation for everyone involved.


Featured Products

At Touché Lighting Control, we offer a diverse array of products specifically designed to meet the challenges your project needs — whether they are big or small.

Touchscreen Color Wall Station

The WS-TS-C is a configurable wall station with color touchscreen display. This wall station utilizes a high resolution backlit display for easy to read button information. A simple gesture page swipe is used to switch pages between scene control and zone control.


Room Manager

Room Managers represent the ultimate in distributed lighting control. Room Managers can control up to (16) zones of 0-10V dimmable control with the addition of expansion modules (LRM modules). Bluetooth® connectivity is standard, allowing the Room Manager to be configured from Touché's intuitive free phone app. Also standard, is a dual port Ethernet switch providing instant connectivity for networking if desired.


Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors integrate dual-technology occupancy sensing and daylight control into a single device. The sensors are auto-addressed and pre-configured, requiring no dip-switches or dials for sensor adjustment. For applications requiring more than one sensor for area coverage, sensors can be daisy-chained via plug-in Cat5 cables. Smart sensors take the guesswork out of setting up occupancy and daylight control. Smart sensors communicate on Touché's SmartNet making them incredibly simple to setup.


Dimmer Pack - Single Channel

Single-channel dimmer packs provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for line voltage dimming needs when paired up with Touché’s Room Managers and Local Relay Modules. These devices convert the 0-10V dimming signal from the Room Manager or Local Relay Module to a phase-cut dimmed output.

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