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A lighting control solution is only good enough if it simply works for everyone who comes into contact with it — especially installers and building managers. That’s why we’re always listening to feedback from the field to help make improvements to our system. Two recent pieces of feedback are great examples of this.

First, we heard from several of our customers that they wanted a different way to receive our free and remote Direct Connect support. When the Touché system remains plugged into an internet-enabled network, Direct Connect works simply and seamlessly. Some of our customers, however, wanted to keep their lighting control network disconnected from the internet in order to retain a higher level of overall network security — but they still wanted quick and easy Touché support. Simple enough! In partnership with Verizon, we went to work on designing a cellular access point solution — now in beta testing with official roll out expected by June 2017. Customers with this feature can simply plug the secure access-point into their system whenever support is needed and then remove the connection when complete. The support process stays simple, and their network security remains intact. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Second, we know that last-minute wiring issues can often thwart even the most well-planned installation. That’s why we’ll soon be introducing a new patch cable purchasing process in partnership with ShowMeCables.com. Through this simple-to-use program, installers will be able to scan unique QR codes included with each Touché system. Scanning the provided QR code instantly provides them a simple entry form, allowing them to select the cables required for their installation. Pressing the send button emails the form to ShowMeCables.com for a quote within 24 hours. The result is affordable, pre-approved patch cables typically within two days. This will ensure a seamless, pain-free wiring and installation process — eliminating frustration and saving time for everyone. Stay tuned for more on this new feature within the next 30 days!

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