Touchscreen User Interface

Part Number: TSUI

Touch Screen User Interfaces are color touch screen computers that provide custom graphical user interfacing at a non-custom price.


  • Displays are available in three configurations:
    7” TFT 800x480 WVGA, color display
    10.4” TFT 800x600 SVGA, color display
  • Displays include internal flash for local storage of graphic pages.
  • Displays are built to industrial standards with a clean screwless bezel.
  • Twin Ethernet ports with switch capabilities allow for simple and cost effective daisy-chained wiring structure.
  • When a TSUI is connected to a customer’s wireless network the TSUI is able to serve up web pages for up to four tablets or smart phones simultaneously.
  • The TSUI can be programmed with a lock-out and a sleep mode.
  • Custom Graphics at a non-custom price. Touché provides custom graphics solutions with background images and controls that match each customer’s needs and preferences.
  • Custom graphics doesn’t have to mean the Engineers at Touché have to be called every time a change is desired. The TSUI displays provide the customer a configuration and programming method similar to the rest of Touché’s solution that is simple to modify without factory assistance.
  • The initial development and implementation of the graphics is included with each TSUI display.
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