Smart Digital Output Occupancy Repeater

Part Number: SDO-OR

The Smart Digital Output Occupancy Repeater provides an output signal that represents the current occupancy state of occupancy sensors connected to a common SmartNet port.


  • Touché’s Line of Smart Sensors like the SMAOS communicate their status via a standard CAT5 cable to a connected device with a SmartNet port. Multiple sensors can be daisy-chained together allowing them to act as one “super sensor” (see the SMAOS datasheet for more information). On that same daisy chained network of sensors a SDO-OR can be included.
  • The SDO-OR listens to the communication between sensors and determines the current state of all connected sensors. An integral relay (dry contact) opens or closes in concert with the current occupancy state. This device is useful when occupancy status is needed for third party integration like HVAC control.
  • The SDO-OR obtains all of its control power from the SmartNet CAT5 cable it uses for communication with the occupancy sensors. No external power is required.
  • Din Rail mounting makes the module simple to install in industry standard HVAC Din Rail mountable controllers and VAV boxes.
  • Both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts are available for optimal compatibility with third party equipment.
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