Monochrome Wall Station

Part Number: SW-TS-M

Configurable Monochrome Touchscreen Wall Stations are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) with touchscreen interfacing. The switch utilizes a high resolution backlit display for easy to read button information.


  • Each switch is configurable with up to six buttons per page and up to six pages per switch.
  • Multiple button “types” are available including scene buttons, momentary buttons, timer buttons, and toggle buttons. Different button types can be combined for the ultimate in control flexibility.
  • Each button can be “labeled” with multiple lines of a user’s defined description for the function of that button.
  • Switches are fully integrated with other components of the system to properly display the current state of the lighting in the controlled area. Coordinated control between the switch and other switches or devices in a room is automatically generated through the easy-to-use Windows(R) based system configuration software.
  • All power and communication is done through a low voltage Cat5 daisy-chained cable. No additional cabling or sources of power are required.
  • Switches fit into standard single-gang electrical junction boxes (4" sq. box with plaster ring or masonry box). Ganging of multiple switches can be done without any special rough-in considerations.
  • No engraving is required for the faceplate since all descriptions are displayed on the LCD touch-screen.
  • The required faceplate (not included) is a standard Decora (R) plate so the plate’s color selection and material type do not need to be determined at time of order. The switch’s brushed aluminum bezel matches any standard electrical plate’s color or finish.
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