Dimmer Pack - Single Channel

Part Number: DP1-[X]

Single-channel dimmer packs provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for line voltage dimming needs when paired up with Touché’s Room Managers and Local Relay Modules. These devices convert the 0-10V dimming signal from the Room Manager or Local Relay Module to a phase-cut dimmed output.


  • Front panel indicators show line source status and dimming status.
  • Mounts to a standard deep 4” square electrical junction box.
  • Dimmer Packs convert individual 0-10V dimming control signals to line voltage, phase-cut dimming.
  • Available in forward-phase and reverse-phase control (must be specified at time of order). Note: forward-phase module is rated at 4A (500W) and reverse-phase module is rated at 2.5A (300W).
  • “Dimmed to Off” allows dimmer pack to completely control the load. Line voltage is not required to pass through the relay on the Room Manager or Local Relay Module—simplifying installation.
  • Dimmer Packs control a single channel allowing varying load types to be controlled from a common Room Manager or Local Relay Module.
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