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Multi-Function Interfaces

Model Number: MFI-32-CM

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  • Multi-Function Interfaces expand the number of devices that can be connected to a Master Interface. Each Multi-Function Interface is capable of extending the number of connections by up to (32) devices. This increases the capacity of a single Master Interface from (100) devices to (3200) device (a 32X multiplier).
  • Multi-Function Interfaces allow the following types of devices to be connected to their secondary branch communication:
    • Local Relay Modules (LRM)
    • Local Relay Modules with 0-10V Dimming (LRM-0/10)
    • Multi-Function Switches (MFS)
  • Multi-Function Interfaces automatically assign and associate the address of devices connected to their secondary branch communication.
  • The communication status of each connected secondary device is displayed on a local LCD touch-screen display for an intuitive representation of the connected sub-network.
  • Control power for all secondary connected devices originates at the Multi-Function Interface for simple and efficient power management.
  • The integration of this Interface with the various connected devices allows the user to install such devices near the points of controlled function. The attractiveness of this approach is a distributed means of control. This is especially attractive for retrofit applications.
  • A similar Cat5 wiring structure for both the primary and secondary branch communication networks promotes a simple and easy to understand wiring topology.
  • The enclosure is a rugged powder coated steel housing for long life durability.


  • Enclosure Dimensions: 12″w x 12″h x 6″d
  • Enclosure Construction: Nema 1, Powder Coated Steel with Simple Twist Latch
  • Power Supply Voltage: 120/277VAC (Auto-Sensing)
  • Listings: UL 916 and cUL 916
  • Ambient Temperature: 40º C (104º F)
  • Maximum Humidity: 10—90% Non-Condensing


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