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DMX Interface

Model Number: CI-DMX

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  • The DMX configured communication interface (CI-DMX) provides a simple means of controlling one universe of DMX devices.  Multiple CI-DMX modules can be used for mulit-universe applications.
  • Theatrical Interfacing:
    • Allows for seamless integration between DMX based control consoles and Touché’s architectural controls.
    • DMX scenes that are generated from a console are captured and stored in the CI-DMX for later retrieval and replay. The stored scenes are triggered by commands from the Touché system.
    • Record and playback sequences of lighting scenes, each with their own adjustable fade rate and delay times.
    • Console input is merged with the currently recalled scene in a “highest takes precedence” manner to allow simultaneous control of the output.
    • Up to 96 consecutive DMX channels may be monitored to allow a control console to trigger events in the Touché system.
  • DIN rail mountable for easy installation.


  • Enclosure Dimensions: 2.1″w x 2.4″h x 3.5″d (DIN Rail Mounted)
  • Enclosure Construction: Thermoplastic
  • Power Supply Voltage: Sourced from Primary Branch Cat5 Cable
  • Listings: UL 916 and cUL 916
  • Ambient Temperature: 50º C (122º F)
  • Maximum Humidity: 10—90% Non-Condensing
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