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Momentary Contact Switches

Model Number: SW-SF

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  • Single Function Switches are momentary contact switches that provide a digital input event to the system when pressed.
  • Each switch is software configurable and can be configured in the programming application to act as a single toggle switch (push once to turn on / push again to turn off). They can also be programmed as multi-state devices allowing for dual level or other (three and four) multi-step configurations.
  • Single Function Switches can be paralleled to provide three and four-way switching functions in a room or area without software configuration.
  • All power for this device originates at its parent device (local relay module). Connection to this device is made with a standard 22 gauge / 2 conductor (minimum) cable.
  • Switches fit into standard 1-G electrical junction box configurations (4″ Sq. Box with plaster ring or masonry box). Ganging of multiple switches can be done without any special rough-in considerations.
  • The required faceplate (not included) is a standard Decora(R) wall-plate. The switch comes in several device colors (white is standard – consult factory for a complete list of color options).


  • 1 Decora(R) is a trademark name and is owned by Leviton. Use of the name here is a generic reference to the standard wall plate opening.
  • Mounting Considerations: 1-1/2″ Deep 4″ Sq. Box with 1-G Ring or 1-G Masonry Box
  • (Devices Can Be Ganged Together in Standard Configurations as Required)
  • Cabling Considerations: 22gu (Minimum) / 2c Cable
  • Ambient Temperature: 60 C (140 F)
  • Maximum Humidity: 10—90% Non-Condensing
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